More Cake, Less Calories.

2 papers, 1 lab practical, art homework?
May 2, 2009, 10:14 pm
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Naaat. So in my attempt to be reigning queen of Procrastinationville, I made mini tiramisu cupcakes. FROM SCRATCH!? HELLO, duh. Tell me why mascarpone cheese costs an arm an a leg? Anyways, it’s so worth it because the frosting I made tastes like heaven. Why did I make these delectable treats? Well, I’m planning my aunt’s 50th birthday. And instead of making one big tiramisu cake I thought it would look so cute to have a milli of these little tiramisu bites. Cute right?

Okay, I should do my school work soon.  Maybe after I eat a couple of the cupcakes. haha I am such a workerfail.


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funny i made little tiramisu bunt** cakes like 2 months ago from scratch too! hahaha it was bombay! &i put them in little gold cupcake filters.. (;

great minds think alike HOLLA!

gold frames make my world go-round..

COPY + PASTE thank you for the frame lady love (;

Comment by Rissa

p.s i figured my specialty vanilla coffee cupcakes

Comment by Rissa

Oh that sounds way delicious! I think I ate way too much of the tiramisu frosting, and making the cake part is a big biatch. haha Oh, I’m putting the cupcakes in gold cupcake liners for my auntie’s 50th!

P.S. I got the frame from photobucket. (; haha.

Comment by claracakes

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