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So long, farewell…
January 16, 2009, 6:43 am
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No one cares? It’s the end of an era! Say good bye to President Bush & say hello to just plain ol’ Mr. Bush. Thank you sir, for your inspiring wisdom, your well thought out actions, thank you sir for the wonderful job you’ve done. You’ve kept the United States safe, especially in her most trying times. You motivated the people, and it is most evident in today’s flourishing economy. You’ve saved so many lives, especially those who died in combat. Good Job, GW. Warning after warning, you’ve accomplished something magnificent, you and your administration single handedly, instilled fear into millions of hearts and minds. The war on terror, Mr. Bush?  Through and through, you’ve accomplished what most people would die to do.

Oh wait, people already have. Sike?! No sir, sike on the American people. Good one, Mr.B, good one.

Yours truly,


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4more days!!

Comment by lala

no hablas ingles.

Comment by Joleena

seriously, like obama’s going to do a better job?

Comment by seriously.

Could you say John McCain would do any better? I can’t tell you the future, and I’m pretty sure you can’t either. So are you calling me a hypocrite? The election is over, hun, Barack Obama won. He is your president now, and as an American you should support him. Right? Or else you would be the hypocrite. You questioning his ability to lead as a president, is pretty much the same as myself stating my own distain for president Bush. So, tell me, am I the hypocrite, or are you?

Like I’ve said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am merely stating my own. I’m not trying to change your views, but if you find that what I am saying is causing you to feel defensive, then maybe your views aren’t as strong as you think.

Comment by claracakes

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