More Cake, Less Calories.

December 13, 2008, 12:16 am
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COMING SOON!I’ve got a few more things up my sleeves! WSUP?!
Exhibit A, on the right. That’s WSUP.  It’s Winterbreak && my mind is goin` crazyyy with ideas.

So today, I drove home from work, pull into my drive way and see a stray dog run into my garage. So, I slowly back out of my garage and on the uncovered part, and so does the dog. I park right in front of my house, and the dog decides to sit right in front of my door. She, by that time I see that it’s a she, sometimes puts her nose to my window. Let’s name her India. Whimpering and whining, a not-so-baby pit bull is posted right next to me. The only thing separating us is my car door. I call my house to see if someone can come out and distract her while I get out of my car. No one answers ( -__-) I’m freaking out because I’m the biggest chicken ever. So eventually, 20 minutes later eventually, I get out of the car. I stood very still, and slowly proceeded to my front door. She’s right behind me. SNIFFING MY LEG RIGHT BEHIND ME. Anyways, I ran inside and stayed inside. My car is still parked out front because I’m scared if I go back outside she’ll attack me or something. I took a picture of her with my blackberry, but I can’t find the connector cable. Sorry. This is the second random ass dog to show up on my doorsteps & India’s sleeping on my welcome mat outside.

You’re welcome?


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lmao “your welcomed?”
hahahahahaha feed her rice!

Comment by Rissa

p.s magic, baby magic.. you working that clay!

Comment by Rissa

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