More Cake, Less Calories.

2.5, maybe 3.
November 21, 2008, 3:23 am
Filed under: Twilight

I wasn’t blown away, but I’m definately not disappointed. I love Edward Cullen in Raybans, he can drive me around in his adorable Volvo and put his arm around me anyday.

Woohoo for : 

  1. A for effort, can’t wait for the next 3.
  2. I love Edward Cullen
  3. I want to be Bella Swan.

Boo for:

  1. Having to get there loser early, the line went around the corner and down the street.
  2. I hate it when people chant things in movie theaters. It won’t do anything.
  3. Don’t ever clap in a movie theater, it’s movie not a concert.
  4. Don’t scream/shout and clap when someone appears on screen. Again, it’s a movie, you’re in an enclosed space called a theater, not on a set where the actors will hear you. You are just annoying.
  5. Why clap at the end of the movie? Just don’t.

I’m tired. Goodnight. I’ll post pictures later.
Love always,


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