More Cake, Less Calories.

SF and I don’t stop.
November 16, 2008, 9:23 pm
Filed under: caked up, i'm just saying, retail therapy

Because I love Nikki so much, I woke up at 6AM (!!!) to get to SF by 9, like she suggested. I took my little sissy and Ina. Have you met Ina? She’s pretty camera shy, but I got a glimpse of her while she was studying on BART.

Anyways, I met up with Nikki for breakfast, then we went to the Hundreds because we’re hip.

But she cut our day short because she had a family trip to Alcatraz. She was going to take the $5 trolly, but due to the time constraints she took the $1.50 F trolly¬†instead. Oh, check the ClaraCig. It’s pretty cute right, pretty lifelike? It’s even better when it’s on a chain. Haha

So, I had a pretty long day. My wallet is very sad, and I could have sworn I was being followed.

HAHA. I spy a creeperbomb?

Oh today was the best way to spend a Sunday, with crazy sluts & shopping.
From hella Norcal,


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what are you shooting with?

Comment by christiananything

My baby point&shoot. Why?

Comment by claracakes

jw, youre the master with the burn tool. haha

Comment by christiananything

Just so you know, today was awesome. Next time, I’ll fly out to modesto and we can hang out more! It was actually pretty damn fun. The F line, stank. haha We need more time! thanks love again.

Comment by Nikki

adam bomb pillow = hypebeast to the maxxxx.

Comment by Joleena

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